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The seven wonders of the ancient world are striking accomplishments of beauty and art built in the time of mighty pharaohs, mythical gods, and great military commanders. The Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, plus four others, stand before you in their magnificence. To learn their secrets however, you must take on a mental challenge as never before. Dive into the world of ancient civilizations and solve more than 200 fascinating pictographic puzzles in this addictive educational journey. Visit these seven masterpieces and learn the wonderful secrets they hide by using the number clues to complete the grid. Use hints, tools and other items to make it through. You can also take a break and enjoy other challenges including picture completion, hidden object scenes, jigsaw puzzles and other diversions.

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    Seven Wonders of the World, probably the most magnificent architectures in the history of Earth until today, they are everywhere but still don’t exist. The wonders of the world are now sorted out by the states themselves or some other criteria like the new age, the industrial classification, etc…but nothing of that matters to us as we only need to know the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The game World Riddles – Seven Wonders is something that will show us and describe us those wonders, but through a genre called Picross. Picross is a puzzle game that will put you in a world grid-clicking action which has a nasty habit of trapping you into that world, and rarely will it let you out. You will be traveling around the world to get a better look on the seven wonders of the world, and on your way you will encounter many mini-games that to be dealt with, but after all this is a Picross game and most of the time you will be focusing on Picross boards. World Riddles has a nice introduction to walk you through the basics of the gameplay if you are new to this (it's skip-able if you know the drill). The general idea is to use the number clues above and to the left of the board to fill in and wipe clean squares on the grid. If a set of numbers reads "2 1 4", for example, you know that two adjacent blocks are filled in, followed by at least one non-filled space, a single block, and then four adjacent blocks. Clicking a correct tile will reveal a globe; while right-clicking an empty tile will smash it with the hammer. Your task is to slowly eliminate the entire grid and reveal a picture made up of the full squares. There are a couple of Picross games on the market, and they vary depending on the players and what they are looking for and expect from a Picross game. World Riddles has come up with a formula that will satisfy every player in the Picross genre, whether they are a beginner or a veteran of the genre. The first beginning levels are simple grids made for the ones that are getting to know the game for the first time, which can get the experienced players a bit bored on the beginning of the game. But that changes shortly after as the difficulty increases with advancing in the game, so the even most experienced players will have to stop and think several times to figure out the right combination. But if you aren’t a diehard fan of Picross thing might get a bit boring playing while trying to solve over 200 different puzzles. That’s way the mini-games are there to shake the things up a bit. These include the likes of missing objects puzzles, connecting one area of a grid to another in a Pipemania-style fashion, filling in a family tree and completing a jigsaw. You will find some games maybe even more interesting than Picross while others can be a real no no, depending on which of them do you generally like. Besides the regular part of the game, you will encounter the ‘Super Levels’ for the real players who dare to play it and test their skills in an ultimate challenge of Picross. As for the accomplishments in the game there are many of them, and as you might guess they are based on similar system used in other games, for example: There are gold medal awards which you can earn by finishing up in the Expert Time or if you want to add additional gold medals in your trophy box, using hints and finishing up levels without any click mistakes is way to do it. This of course will extend the games length as wining the golden medals straight away is almost a mission impossible, but if you want those golden medals, you will be doing at least some of repeating in certain levels. And who says that games are there to kill time and just have fun, when everybody knows that we can learn something from some games, like this one. You will learn or be reminded about some facts or speculations from history about things that probably every man in the world should know about. Historical places that don’t exist anymore and those which do exist, put together in one place can mean a lot, especially for kids. What makes this game so good is its predecessor. The game manufactures have taken the original game, World Riddles – Animals, and gave it a steroid shot making it much better especially combined with the Picross puzzle game. You will just keep on playing until you finally realize that is too late to quit know, as you have been infected and the only cure left for you is to finish the game, unless you decide to play it again…

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 28

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