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Many expert gamers are saying that 2014 has been the year of worst games of all time. There were glitches, there were bugs and there were dissatisfaction all around. In this article, we are going to see 3 worst games in terms of expectations. Please understand that this list is based on the high expectations and the non-ability to meet the expectations of the gamers. This is the reason that these big games are there in our list and small and unnoticeable games are not present.  


Amazing Spider-man 2

The first one in our list is the Amazing Spider-man 2 of Activision. This was a game of huge expectation but the game failed to meet almost full of it. This game was full of bugs and Activision faced a huge banking crisis after the release of this game. Previously, Sony thought to refinance this game to make it bigger but eventually everything failed. This game was failed to meet everyone's expectation.




Fifa 15

EA Sports is famous for the Fifa series. There are thousands of fans of this game worldwide and people crave for this game before each and every release. This year, everything was the same till the release of this game. People also complained that EA servers faced many problems at times but the biggest problem was the bug of Fifa 15. We have a separate article on Bugs of Fifa 15. EA lost a huge number of business credit and they also faced banking issues after these bugs were brought up from the gamers to various forums. This was surely a huge loss for EA and for all the gamers. 




Assassin's Creed Unity

This was a release from Ubisoft on November 11 and this game killed the gamers. The game is full of bugs and it is the worst game till now of 2014 for sure. The sales dropped by 30% after the bugs became visible in forums. The banking and finance section of Ubisoft got seriously affected after this issue as share price dropped by 8.3% immediately after two days of the release. 




In short, these are the games of 2014 which were not able to meet the dreams of gamers. 


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