Xperia Tablet Z by Sony, Thinner Than the iPad Mini

Xperia Tablet Z by Sony, Thinner Than the iPad Mini description

The year 2012 could be described as a rough time for Sony, Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarters in Konan Minato, Tokyo, Japan, as the corporation had to watch Samsung, its local rival, was capturing the lead in mobile market thanks to the Galaxy line up of tablets and smartphones, while Apple was continuing the global dominance of the market with its iPad mini and the iPhone 5.

However, it doesn’t seem like Sony is willing to simply just fade away into the gloom of mobile device history. They silently announced its latest tech gadget into the highly competitive tablet market on last Monday, 21st of January 2013.

The new tablet, named Xperia Tablet Z, has been publicized with just a plain press release on the Sony Mobile website’s Japanese version. The press release also features the photos and specifications of the device. Can be bought in white or black, the latest 10.1 inched tablet by Sony operates on Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, which is the smoothest and fastest version of Android OS yet. The device has a 1.5 gigahertz, quad-core Snapdragon processor, and also features an 8MP camera that has the ability to automatically adjust to the optimal settings, with the use of Sony's Exmore R sensor, when trying to shoot in the dark areas.

Sony has equipped the new tablet with a "Reality Display", which is specially designed to provide high-definition images with better quality, and claims that it is also dustproof and waterproof. According to the press release, the new tablet is only 6.9mm thick, which is a significant enhancement when compared to the 7.2mm thick Apple’s iPad mini.

The price or the release date of the Xperia Tablet Z has not been revealed yet.

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