Zelda-Like Adventure comes to PC today

Zelda-Like Adventure comes to PC today description

Popular game Zelda-Like Adventure comes to PC today.



Following a mobile game, this adventure game Oceanhorn comes to PC today what makes alot fans of this game really happy

The Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted sead, the Zelda like adventure is game who was previously released on mobile devices and game became really popular thats why is now available on PC today through Steam. This game was created by Finish and developed by Cornfox & Brothers.

You can see now trailer and  screenshots, it's already available, we will post few.

The PC version of Oceanhorn features a complete graphical technical overhaul > developer said.



Also he said "We added four times more polygons, sharper textures, normal maps, detail objects, and new lighting effects such as dynamic ambient occlusion, soft shadows, and realtime reflections to make Oceanhorn look stunning when played in 4K resolution."

The game is already available on Steam for $12, so hurry up and buy it now because price will jump to $15 next week.


Zelda-Like Adventure comes to PC today screenshots

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