League of Legends Season 4 End

One of the most popular game in last few years. League of Legends starting new Season 5 soon.

League of Legends new season

The 2014 ranked season began in January .The 2014 season ends on November 11, 2014 . 

So theres almost  2 months free to start the new season but RIOT make surprise for us, new Champion ( Kalista ) new  Visual upgrade ( whole map ) and one of the biggest surprise is new jungle and new jungle items 



Rewards for season 4 are here: 



If you don't know a lot about this game watch review first  League of Legends 


And now for those who playing League of Legends I said theres already new map ( just visual upgrade ) but its acutally same but new Jungle looks amazing. There is 40 % more smite in game, and now in season 5 you can smite opponent champion. The 2015 changes are aimed at building a jungle that has components to empower and react to many different actions that junglers take. This allows us much finer control to react to the live state of the game with small changes to the jungle, rather than only having to tune champions and items


Stalker’s Blade increases your power while ganking, allowing the jungler to play a larger-than-usual role in helping snowball lanes and put the whole team ahead.

Poacher’s Knife provides you with additional power and incentive to cross the river and invade the enemy jungle, stealing whatever camps you can opportunistically take and putting the enemy jungler behind.

Skirmisher’s Sabre gives combat power specially targeted to a 1 versus 1 situation, empowering you to seek out the enemy jungler and try to kill them, to show up during enemy ganks and turn the tide of a battle, or to punish an invading enemy jungler.

Ranger’s Trailblazer makes you faster and safer at fighting jungle monsters, allowing you to stay safer while farming because your health will be generally higher and giving you more time to take other actions.


The new items are there, so League of Legends is now much much better than before. Prepare yourself ! :)

League of Legends Season 4 End


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One of the most popular game in last few years. League of Legends starting new Season 5 soon.

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