Pocket Pair Partners with KLab Games to Create New Hybrid-Casual Game

Pocket Pair partners with KLab Games to develop a "hybrid-casual" game, merging casual accessibility with engaging online mechanics. This follows Palworld's success (8M copies on Steam) and leverages KLab's anime-inspired mobile game expertise.

Pocket Pair, the developer behind the hit game Palworld, has announced a strategic partnership with mobile gaming giant KLab Games to develop a new type of game they're calling "hybrid-casual." This collaboration aims to bring together Pocket Pair's creative prowess with KLab's extensive experience in mobile games inspired by popular anime franchises such as Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Captain Tsubasa.

Palworld, which sold over 8 million copies on Steam within just a week of its launch, is a unique blend of adorable creature collecting, survival mechanics, expansive open-world exploration, and intricate base-building gameplay. The game quickly soared to become one of Steam's top-selling titles, showcasing Pocket Pair's ability to craft engaging and highly successful games. Before Palworld, Pocket Pair also created Craftopia, inspired by notable titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact, selling over 1 million copies on Steam.

On the other side of this partnership, KLab has developed mobile games that have captivated fans worldwide, including Bleach: Brave Souls and Bleach Soul Rising, alongside games for other beloved series like Yu Yu Hakusho, Captain Tsubasa, and Love Live! School Idol Project. Their expertise in developing engaging mobile experiences based on popular franchises positions them as a leading figure in the mobile gaming industry.

The newly announced "hybrid-casual" game category seeks to combine the simplicity and accessibility of casual games with enriching online mechanics aimed at prolonging the games' appeal and player engagement. By leveraging the strengths of both Pocket Pair and KLab, this partnership is poised to create something that caters to a wide audience, potentially replicating Palworld's success in the mobile game market.

With Palworld boasting over 2 million concurrent players on Steam and availability on Xbox Game Pass from Day 1, Pocket Pair has ambitious plans for its future, including the introduction of PvP content, raids, and crossplay functionality. The collaboration with KLab underscores a strategic move to enhance their footprint in the gaming industry, especially in the mobile gaming domain where KLab Games has already demonstrated significant success.

This exciting partnership heralds a promising new venture into the hybrid-casual gaming space, promising to deliver experiences that are both easy to dive into and richly engaging for a diverse audience of gamers worldwide.