The Switch 2 will take longer than you think

Switch 2's release delayed to March 2025 to ensure more launch titles, avoid past inventory issues. Move may miss holiday sales but aims for better availability, amid a 6% drop in Nintendo shares. Leaks suggest it rivals PS4/Xbox One's power, with a cheaper LCD screen.

The Switch 2, which was originally planned to release sometime near the end of 2024, has been pushed back to March 2025. Statements from Nikkei journalists tell us that the intent of the delay is to release the console alongside a larger roster of launch titles. As well as ensuring higher availability upon release, to avoid the pitfalls of minimal inventory. A smart move from Nintendo considering its competitors' previous blunders. The PlayStation 5 suffered greatly during its launch months due to a massive shortage of consoles.

The later release entails its own set of challenges; Nintendo will be missing out on a hugely profitable launch window, the holiday season is usually when most consoles get sold. Some experts believe Nintendo may avert losses by simply pushing the release window even further back, to catch the Christmas rush of 2025. The news of the delays has caused Nintendo's shares to fall by 6%.

Recent leaks are quite exciting, however, the Switch 2 appears to boast far superior capabilities in comparison to its predecessor. While nowhere near the raw processing power of its competitors, the Switch 2 seems to be at least as powerful as a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. It’s also sporting a cheaper LCD screen as opposed to a more expensive OLED screen.