Xbox One Rumors and New Projects

Xbox One is removing disc drive from the new model!

Xbox rumours are already with us. Microsoft confirmed it is working on multiple new Xbox consoles. There is a lot of information out there about the new Xbox consoles, the sources for each rumour have proven reliable in the past, everything mentioned here is unconfirmed, and as with all rumours, plans are subject to change.





A Disc-Free Xbox One

The disc-free Xbox One is said to be codenamed Xbox Maverick. This system will actually be called "Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.", according to Windows Central reports.The console is scheduled to go on sale in May around the world.

This would be a first for Microsoft, as all previous Xbox hardware featured a disc drive. The price isn't clear yet but dropping the disc drive would presumably lower the cost.

The Disc-To-Digital Program

A key component of Microsoft's disc-free Xbox One plans is what's being referred to as the "disc-to-digital" program. As part of this, users can trade in their console discs for a digital license for games they already own. The disc-to-digital program is expected to launch around the same time as the disc-free Xbox One console's release in May, or a little earlier, Brad Sams reported. People will be able to visit the Microsoft Store and Best Buy (and potentially others) to swap their discs for digital licenses. The specifics about how this will work remain unclear.

A New Fortnite Xbox One

Microsoft already offers an Xbox One hardware bundle that comes with Fortnite and various extras, although now, Microsoft is planning a new Xbox One featuring a design inspired by Fortnite according to Windows Central.

Next-Gen Consoles

Microsoft is working on multiple new Xbox One consoles. The consoles are codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart, according to Brad Sams. Anaconda is the new high-power Xbox One, and Lockhart is a budget friendly console. The consoles aren't expected to be released until Fall 2020.

Sams said that both consoles will have solid-state storage, which is much better compared to Xbox One X's hard disk drive.


Microsoft's new game-streaming service Project xCloud: it is planned to bring Xbox to every internet-connected screen: a TV, console, or a mobile phone. xCloud will enter the trial phase later this year, according to Sams. 

Xbox One Rumors and New Projects


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Xbox One is removing disc drive from the new model!